A selection of the best vintage wines

Esterosa 2007


36 months Sur Lies
100% PINOT NERO grapes

Serving suggestions: Aperitifs,, White Meats, Fish, Cured meats

0,75l Bottles  € 25.00
1,50l Bottles  € 52.00

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Altonero 2007

Still Red Wine
Cabernet Sauvignon 75% Merlot 25%
Harvested by hand
Ageing period: 24 months
Barrique 12 months

Serving suggestion: meat, cured meat and cheeses

0,75l Bottles € 25.00
1,50l Bottles € 52.00

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Apice Rosso 2012 IGT

100% Malbo Gentile grapes

Special Selection of  Malbo Gentile

Obtained from the best vines of a single vineyard with late harvest.
Harvested by hand.
Ageing period 24 months
Barrique 12 months. Late Harvest

Serving suggestion: meat, cured meats and cheeses

0.75l Bottles  € 20.00
1.50l Bottles € 42.00

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Nicolò III 2015

Still red wine
Malbo Gentile grapes

Serving suggestions: meat, cured meats and cheese

0,75l Bottles  € 12.00

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Nato Pigro 2017 (Born Lazy)

Still white wine
Trebbiano – Pignoletto grapes

Serving suggestions: meat, cured meats and cheeses

0,75l Bottles  € 7.00


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Malbotto 2013

Still red wine
Grapes: Malbo Gentile 50%, Merlot 50%
Harvested by hand
Ageing period: 6 months.

Serving suggestions: meat, cured meats and cheese.

0,75l Bottles  € 10.00

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La Pinona 2015

Red Fermo Passito (liqueur wine extracted from raisined grapes)
Malbo Gentile 100%
Dried on racks with manual harvest
Ageing period 12 months
Barrique 12 months
Demi Sec

0.375l Bottles  € 18.00

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Bucamante 2012

Still Red wine

100% Malbo Gentile  grapes
Harvested by hand
Barrique 6 months

Serving suggestions:  meat, cured meats and cheeses.

0,75l Bottles  € 14.00

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Classic Method

Meraviglia 2016

Red Still Sweet Amarenado
Merlot Reserve
Aged  in cherry barrels
Harvested by hand
Ageing period 12 months
Barriques  6 months

Serving Suggestion: Sweets and desserts

0,375l Bottles  € 10.00

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Esterosa 2009

 36 months Fermentation

Serving suggestions:  Aperitif, White Meat, Fish, Salami

0,75l Bottles € 2000
1,50l Bottles  € 42.00


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This method is an evolution of the "Ancestral Method" and is possible only with certain types of grapes that are called "spumante bases": Chardonnay and the entire Pinot family. It is important that  grapes used must have an appropriate composition.

The procedure is longer and more complex and in pressing it requires the first fruit.
The method has been in operation in France in the Champagne area since 1650, by Friar Dom Perignon. We therefore felt the need to give an appropriate name because "Ancestral" is more generic. Thus the "Classic Method" is more precise.

Belmount 2014

36 months fermentation
Harvested by hand



Pas dosè - BrutServing suggestions:  Aperitif, White Meat, Fish, Salami

0,75l Bottles  € 18.00
1,50l Bottles  € 38.00

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Maria Beatrice D'Este 2012

24 months fermentation
Harvested by hand

Serving suggestions:  Aperitif, White Meat, Fish, Salami


0.75l Bottles  € 16.00
1,50l Bottles  € 34.00

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Ancestral Method

Tisbrino 2012

Sparkling White Wine - Disgorged
Grapes: Chardonnay 90% - Pinot Nero 10%
Harvested by hand

Serving suggestion:  Aperitif, white meat, fish, salami

0,75l Bottles  € 8.50
1,50l Bottles € 18.00

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Sparkling wines obtained with the ancestral ‘colfondo’ method with natural sediment.

The term "Ancestral" means transmitted, inherited from the ancestors; this is the method that, historically and in absence of adequate technologies, was used in Champagne to produce sparkling wine with re-fermentation in the bottle.

The "Ancestral Method" represents a distinctive peculiarity of the sparkling wine because, by developing the re-fermentation process with its residual sugars, it leads the consumer back to a concept of tradition as well as to obtain greater organoleptic complexity.

The sparkling wines obtained with the "Ancestral Method" can be, depending on the orientation that the producer wants to give, subject or not to disgorgement; in case the latter is not carried out, the product will appear cloudy, with an note of bread crust, more accentuated cheese with a greater presence of yeast.

Tisbrino rosè 2012

Vino Frizzante Bianco - Degorgiato

Chardonnay - Pinot Nero

Raccolta manuale.


Aperitivi, carni bianche, pesce, salumi

Bottiglie da 0,75l € 9,50


Sgrassaporco Scurone 2016

Red Sparkling Wine
Lambrusco dell 'Emilia IGP - Dry
Ancestral Method - sur lies
Harvested by hand
Grapes: Lambrusca 85% - Tosca 15%

Serving suggestion: Meats, Salami,

Roasted Fish

 0.75l Bottles € 7.50

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Sgarbato Drizzapelo 2016

Sparkling rosé wine – Disgorged

100% Tosca grapes

Serving suggestion:  meat, cured meat, roasted fish

0.75l Bottles  € 7.50

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Charmat Method 

Il Ritorno 2017

Sparkling Red Wine
Lambrusco di Castelvetro DOC
Charmat method
100% Grasparossa grapes

Serving suggestions: Meat, cured meats, Roasted Fish

 0,75l Bottles € 7.50

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Rosadisera 2017

Sparkling Rosé Wine
Lambrusco IGT

Serving suggestion:  Meat, cured meats, Roasted Fish

0,75l Bottles € 7.00

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L' Attimo 2017

Sparkling White Wine
Pignoletto DOC
100% Pignoletto grapes

Serving suggestion: Meat, cured meats, roasted Fish

 0,75l Bottles € 7.00

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The Charmat Method

Sparkling wines obtained with the Charmat method.
The Charmat method consists in re-fermentation  in the large barrels (not in the bottle).

The hot and cold technique is used which allows a faster re-fermentation, but requires at least 6 months to obtain the best results.

Balsamic Vinegar
Blue cap

Aged: 2 years

0,250l Bottles € 8.50

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Balsamic Vinegar
Red cap

Aged: 5 years

0,250l Bottles € 12.50


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Balsamic Vinegar
Black cap

Aged: 11 years

0,250l Bottles € 20,00


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Balsamic Vinegar
Gold cap

Aged: 15 years

0,250l Bottles € 20,00


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