Malbo gentile

It was Gigliola da Carrara, in the early 1400s,who convinced her husband Nicolò III D'Este, Duke of Ferrara, to transplant the Gentile Malbo throughout the Duchy of Este.
The Malbo Gentile grape, originally present in east Liguria between Carrara and La spezia, is otherwise known as "Amabile di Genova".
The version of ‘reinforcement’ to other  grape varieties such as Lambruschi and Marzemini is very appealing as it increases the concentration of sugar, thus yielding fruity and floral aromas.
Excellent in purity in the still version the wine can be both dry and sweet and is obtained from a late harvest, as a passito, dried on the vines.


​Technical characteristics: Blue-black color due to the notable presence of natural coloring, fragrant musts with a high concentration of sugars, evolving into a robust medium body, good malic-tannic balance, characteristic succinic note and pleasant lactic development.

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